Market Yourself: How to use a marketing strategy in your job search

How to Use a Marketing Strategy in Your Job Search | RYD Career Blog

I’ve been soaking up some and am currently studying digital marketing. As I was learning about business marketing strategies, it hit me that there’s huge crossover into conducting a productive job search. I mean, what is a job search but an effort to market yourself?

Posting a resume online with the hopes of getting a job is about the same as opening an online store and crossing your fingers that someone will stumble across it and buy your stuff…and applying to only online job ads is like just yelling, "BUY MY STUFF!!" on Facebook.

The Solution? Strategy. You need to develop strategies just as you would if you were creating a new business and marketing it. This is how I translated a Marketing Strategy to a Search Strategy:
Creating your strategy will force you to understand who you are, what you want, and what you have to offer at a deeper level, and it will help you to customize your materials and presentation for each aspect of your search by understanding what is most relevant to the company’s needs.

How to Use a Marketing Strategy in Your Job Search table

Most importantly, building your strategy will help you to plan your search, measure your efforts, and lead you to success. 

I’m barely scratching the surface when it comes to marketing (the above is definitely just a starting point), and I’m hopeful to find more crossover as I dig in. Do you use marketing techniques in your search? What’s your strategy?

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