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Market Yourself: How to use a marketing strategy in your job search

How to Use a Marketing Strategy in Your Job Search | RYD Career Blog

I’ve been soaking up some and am currently studying digital marketing. As I was learning about business marketing strategies, it hit me that there’s huge crossover into conducting a productive job search. I mean, what is a job search but an effort to market yourself?

Posting a resume online with the hopes of getting a job is about the same as opening an online store and crossing your fingers that someone will stumble across it and buy your stuff…and applying to only online job ads is like just yelling, "BUY MY STUFF!!" on Facebook.

Get Your Recruiter to Fight FOR You Instead of WITH You

Get Your Recruiter to Fight FOR You Instead of WITH You | RYD

There are great recruiters and horrendous recruiters. There are recruiters who will hustle for you any day, any time to help you land a great opportunity and there are recruiters who will lie, misrepresent, and waste your time. Unfortunately, it’s up to you find the good ones and you will find that they can be your biggest cheerleader who will open doors you didn’t even imagine…but it takes some effort on your part, too. So, how do you build a strong relationship with your recruiter and create an advocate for yourself?

Be present

Mind the Gap: Dealing with Breaks in Employment

Mind the Gap: Dealing with Breaks in Employment | Reach Your Destination

Written by Stephanie Swilley. Also posted on LinkedIn

During my days as an agency recruiter, I had more than one client decide that all resumes had to list month as well as year in the employment dates...and any break in employment over 6 months had to be explained on the resume. This happened to coincide directly with the recession and skyrocketing unemployment rates, leading to some interesting discussions.