5 Tips For Building Workplace Etiquette

5 Tips For Building Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is critical in running a business: it can change how employees interact with each other and with their employers. Below are five ways to build workplace etiquette to ensure everything runs smoothly:

Make A Good First Impression

Coming into a new workplace is difficult, you don't know anyone and you don't know the current dynamics of the workplace. However, making a good first impression will make colleagues more likely to bring you into the workplace environment. This will make the team work more cohesively to accomplish things faster and easier.

Keep Communication Lines Clear

Communication is the key to any working relationship, including employee relations in the workplace. Communicating when something is bothering you, in a professional manner, will help solve problems quickly and easily before they start. However, it is important to remember that not all communication is good communication. Gossip, complaining and other forms of negative communication should never be able to find their way into the workplace.

Be On Time

Being on time to work is one of the hardest things for employees, but constantly arriving late to work while all of your colleagues are on time can wear on the team. Continually asking your colleagues to cover for you because you're running behind, again, can cause the team to start to resent you for not doing your part to further the team. Being on time will make the team get along more and be an overall more cohesive unit.

Be Available

Being available to your colleagues is incredibly important. Not just being in your cubicle able to be called on when needed, but responding to emails in a timely manner and answering phone calls when you are able to. It is also important to remember that your off days are not everyone else's off days. If you're off and someone calls with a question it is important that you respond at your quickest availability to help your colleagues further their projects.

Plan Outside Team Building

Planning outside team building activities can greatly improve team morale and make the team work together as a more cohesive unit. Activities such as team building workshops, or even a team lunch, cam greatly improve how the team works together. The better a team is able to work, the better the workplace as awhile is able to function.