Automation: 3 Ways to Touch the Things You Don't Like Less

Automation: 3 Ways to Touch the Things You Don't Like Less

No matter who you are or what job you have, there WILL be aspects of it that you don’t particularly enjoy. When those aspects start outweighing what you love about your job, you find yourself headed straight for burnout, frustration, and ultimately a job search.

Thankfully, modern technology can help us touch those undesirables less through automation! Here are 4 ways to touch the things you don’t like less!


It can’t just be me who dreads every “let’s find a time that works for everyone” email thread that pops up. Whether you’re scheduling for two or twenty, this can be an absolute nightmare.

For scheduling interviews and, I live by Calendly. Connect your Google or Outlook calendar, set your availability windows and buffer, and send your link. The other person will be able to look at the choices and reserve a time that works for them as well. The appointment will be automatically added to your calendar! You can also use Calendly for round-robin, collective availability, and group meetings.


If you’re like a lot of us, once you send the email it gets marked of your to-do list and forgotten forever…whether they respond and things are actually done or not. Or you think about an email that you should really send next week and then when next week comes around you completely forget. Or you find yourself answering the same questions over and over.

Enter: Email Automation! Check out this Zapier article overviewing some amazing email automations!

3.All the Little Details

Raise your hand if you love tools like Trello! The sky seems to be the limit on what and how you can organize and manage with Trello, but sometimes you can get overwhelmed by all the little details that can go into it. Thankfully Trello gets that and you can utilize Butler and Zapier to automate the little things and extra steps like marking things complete, taking ownership, or even publishing to Facebook.

All of these tools will take some time to learn and setup, but the payoffs in time saved and annoyance avoided will be well worth it! What are some of your favorite workplace automations?