Back to School: 3 reasons to register for an online course

Back to School: 3 reasons to register for an online course

It seems like all we’re hearing about recently is school, with the ongoing debates on how to handle K-12 and even college education during a pandemic. Maybe you are reveling in the fact that none of the headache applies to you, maybe you’re knee-deep in figuring out how it’ll all work in your life.

No matter where you are in the mess, it’s worth considering if some continued education would be a good idea for you. It doesn’t have to be a whole degree program, either! It could just be a course on Excel, marketing, leadership, or Photoshop.

There are so many reasons we come up with to say no. “I’m too busy.” “I’m already where I want to be.” “I hated school. I certainly don’t want to do it again.”

But what if an online course could drastically improve your life right now?


Courses on leadership (here are 10 resources for online courses), can not only open new doors for you, but they will improve your daily professional life where you are. By learning improved communication methods, techniques to improve engagement, feedback skills, and so many other skillsets, you will form better relationships with your current team allowing you to increase productivity and improve culture.


How much time do you spend googling how to lock cells or perform different functions in Excel? Do you use your software to its fullest potential? LinkedIn has a wealth of training courses from Excel to SharePoint to Zoom to QuickBooks and even Time Management techniques. Invest a little time now to save a lot of time and frustration down the road.

Enjoy Your Work!

Everyone has aspects of their role where they don’t feel as strong. If you find that there’s an area that you dread, put off, or avoid because you struggle with it, take some time to learn more and improve your skillset! Once you’ve mastered these skills, it won’t be nearly as stressful to accomplish those areas of your responsibilities.

What online courses are you considering?