Career Growth: Let Your Personality Guide You

Career Growth: Let Your Personality Guide You

Have you ever looked at someone and just wondered how on Earth they enjoyed their job? Some of us can’t imagine sitting at a computer all day, getting up to present to rooms full of people, or even starting up conversations with perfect strangers all day every day. And yet, others thrive in those environments! It takes all kinds, right?

It can be easy to look at an environment or role and know straight off that it is absolutely not a fit for you, and you can probably tell which ones will be passable and even good. But how do you know what environment and role will be the best fit for you?

There are many factors involved and trial and error will probably play a big role, but understanding yourself, what drives you, and your personality type can be the perfect starting place.

Whether you use Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Enneagram, or one of the many other tests out there, these tools can help you understand the why you work the way you do, what drives you, and where your natural strengths lie. Some people feel certain tests reflect who they are more accurately than others (personally, I found my MBTI to feel more accurate than DiSC and Enneagram, but that’s not the case for others), so be willing to take more than one…but stick to established and credible tests rather than discovering which Hogwarts House you should belong to.

Once you’ve taken the test and have your results, read the assessments thoroughly and with an open mind. Most of us don’t fit the mold 100% perfectly, but be sure you aren’t dismissing valuable insight out of defensiveness or denial (especially when reading about your weaknesses).

Use these assessments to help you understand:

Your strengths and underlying passions. You probably already know what you enjoy, but this can help you understand why. This can expand your options for environments and roles you had never before considered.

Your weaknesses. Without much introspection, most of us have weaknesses we’ve never acknowledged or addressed. Take these in carefully, assess where you can improve, and take steps to grow. Also consider which weaknesses will impact your contentment and success in different environments and roles.

Your work style. Much like understanding your learning style can affect your success in learning, understanding how you think and work can allow you to increase productivity and eliminate counterproductive activities.

Many personality tests even recommend “ideal” career paths based on your results, which can broaden your horizon and open new possible paths. Working with a certified professional can help guide you in career paths specifically based on your results.