How to Support Your Coworkers

How to Support Your Coworkers

We have all been in situations where we are overloaded, or feel that way, with an impossible deadline that demands all of our attention. These always seem to occur when another competing priority has its own timer ticking away too. We have also seen our coworkers in a similar pickle. Here are a few things you can do to help your comrades; some are trivial in effort, but HUGE in impact:

1. Be aware of any external events which may be causing the stress- Working late is not always bad, but on your spouse’s or child’s birthday, etc., it sure might be. Sometimes offering to pick up the cake, get a card, or just do a short task is most appreciated.

2. Offer to help- This may not always be possible, but the offer itself says you notice their situation.

3. When their crunch is over, give them a little compliment for the effort- Only the boss/customer knows if they did a “good” job, but you know they did a hard job. Say so!

4. Bring them a cup of coffee or soda- It is not the refreshment, but the noticing of their effort which you are doing. It is always appreciated even if they turn down the drink.