One (very important) simple task everyone is forgetting this January

One (very important) simple task everyone is forgetting this January

January is full of goals, resolutions, clearing out, planning…but no one ever thinks to do this one simple task that will repay you tenfold down the road!


Think back on the past year and make detailed note of your accomplishments, the details of your large projects (scope, measurable results, etc), and any training you’ve taken. Keep the full details in your notes and add the highlights to your resume now, before you forget the details! Numbers fade from our memory quickly but they are incredibly valuable when telling the story of the impact you’ve made, so make sure you jot down all those relevant figures like budgets, team size, cost savings, ROI, growth, etc.

We’re also right around the time that annual reviews are wrapping. Most people dread this process, but this information can be extremely valuable for you during a job search. Use the feedback from your manager as a way to “prove” your unquantifiable accomplishments on your resume (Not sure how to do that? Stay tuned – a post on that is coming in the future!). Always keep a copy of your performance review at home in your personal files.

Another good idea is just to read through your resume and give it a little spruce. Are there any points in it that are a little vague or confusing and could use some clarification? Is there any jargon that needs to be updated? Do you see any responsibilities that you forgot to turn into accomplishments?

An annual 10-15 min check and update when you don’t need the resume can save you hours of headache when you urgently need a world-class resume. Go ahead and put a recurring reminder on your calendar for every January to make sure you take a few minutes to update your resume and save your review!