Short-term vs long-term goals: when to use each

short-term vs long-term goals

In the current whipsaw environment of stock market measurements, evaluations, and executive compensation programs, it can be easy to forget that no product will last forever. No market share will remain unchallenged. Everyone will refine the process as time goes on. These are simple facts. We often lose ourselves in the effort to perfect the current situation which leads to the detriment of preparing for the next situation.


Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Every worker knows that things change during the Summer when kids are out of school. The roads are less busy during commute, the heat keeps people indoors in their cubicles, and at any given time someone is on vacation. Once August hits, and the children start back for the new school year things start to speed up again. Budgeting season hits, planning begins for next year’s projects, and there is the final push to finish up this year’s projects. Do not get left behind in the excitement of the Fall season!